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We offer you Process Mining as a Service (PMaaS).

No need to install any process mining tools. Just open your browser, upload your log data and let the mining begin!


How It Works?

Since you found our site, we assume you are familiar with process mining. If you're not, have a look at the movie below and you'll know all about it within 2 minutes!

So you want to get started with process mining? You want to find bottlenecks in your business processes or you want to know if you are compliant with rules and regulations. We understand you don't have time to become an expert in process mining, to learn a new software tool, or to convert your data to XES format. We offer Process Mining as a Service (PMaaS); you upload your data in native format (e.g. SQL server bak file, XML, JSON, CSV). For each event in the data set we need a timestamp, an activity name, a case id (can sometimes be derived from other data), and the name of id of the person who performed the activity (optional). You define your questions and we do the mining.

Our factory uses a process discovery algorithm based on the inductive mining algorithm developed by Sander Leemans MSc, dr. Dirk Fahland, and prof. dr. ir. Wil van der Aalst of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Usually we perform multiple iterations, because intermediary results tend to lead to new questions. Our experts can be contacted by email/video conference or we can visit you. You can focus on interpreting the results and on improving your processes!




Why choose the Process Mining Factory?


We encrypt all data traffic using SSL encryption. We only used cloud-based solutions in Western-Europe (no USA!). User passwords of factory users are of course encrypted.


We can anonymize all person related data to ensure you conform to the European General Data Protection Regulation.


All steps taken, from first intake of the data to presentation of the data, are logged. So you (and your controller or auditor!) can easiliy see which transformations and filters were applied.


We apply state-of-the-art algorithms for process mining and social network analysis. We keep up with scientific progress by reading the latest articles and books (yes... we like math :-)).


Don't you hate it when your desktop process mining tool crashes because of insufficient memory or CPU power? Because our software runs in the cloud, scaling is no problem for us. We do the heavy processing and present you the visualizations you need.


We don't sell a one-size-fits-all process mining tool. Instead we offer you Process Mining as a Service (PMaaS). So you don't have to become an expert yourself and you can ask different types of questions. Want social mining, mining of geo information, or other types of data science? No problem for us!

The factory line

When you've uploaded your data, we perform an initial check and make a quotation for you (of course this step is free!). If you agree with the proposal, we convert the data to a mineable format. And by the way, don't worry, we can handle uploads of multiple Gigabytes! We store the data in mineable format in our event store. We perform several data quality checks and statistical checks. Based on your questions, we filter the data. Our process mining and social network analysis modules do the hard work. Some static and interactive visualizations can be made using our standard visualization module. These include a dotted chart, a flow chart, and a social network graph. But if your questions require more advanced visualizations, we make them for you! These can be static reports of HTML5-based visualizations. We store these reports and visualizations in the result storage, where you can download/view the results.

Contact us

The Process Mining Factory is offered to you by Icris. You can find more information about us on Or meet our business partner Anchormen. Got any questions? Want to see examples? Want a quotation? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our phone number is: +31 30 227 04 13. You can also drop us an email at